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Multicast SenseUp

End-to-end IoT solution for analytics, monitoring and automation to assure continuous quality to your environment, equipment, supply or product


Our tailor-made sensor devices can provide data acquisition for temperature, presence, gas, location, motion, soil moisture, etc


Manage clusters of IoT sensors in your industrial park along with your trusted staff/team


Track streams of data collected by your sensors and create reports for your own analysis or costumer-faced visualizations

Provide your clients (or safety-surveillance agents) with quality assurance reports about your supplies, products, outcomes, etc


Our context and situation-aware technology allow you to automate alerts and actions based on complex relations and conditions between your data from an infinity of sources

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The Company

Multicast is a young IoT company from Vitória, ES, Brazil, providing IoT solutions for the digital transformation of economy. We believe that with our extensive background in IoT research (wireless sensor networks, context and situation awareness) we are prepared to bring intelligent decision-making as a service to our clients. With data collected from our devices, through any connectivity, our software enables comprehensive analytics, management and reasoning over data, empowering businesses to create new solutions, revenue streams and improve the quality of its own outcomes.

Team and Collaborators

Isaac Pereira

Sergio Teixeira

Owner - CEO

Isaac Pereira

Isaac Pereira

CTO & Lead Software Engineer

Bernardo Sunderhus

Frontend Developer (Part-time collab)

Rodolfo Gobbi

Fullstack Developer (Part-time collab)

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